Weekend in Paris: Five things to know about the Tour Montparnasse

It is the only skyscraper in the French capital within a ten-minute walk of your hotel in Montparnasse. We will tell you everything so that you can enjoy the finest view over Paris to the full!

Easy to get to from your hotel in Paris’s 14th arrondissement

From La Villa Modigliani, on Rue Delambre, head left on the Rue de la Gaîté all the way to the Avenue du Maine. This will take you straight to the bottom of the Tour Montparnasse. A ten-minute walk and you’re there!  We recommend you start your Parisian weekend with a visit to this incredible tower, within walking distance of your hotel in Montparnasse. The best time to go up to the top of the tower is either first thing in the morning or at dusk, when you can admire all the splendour of the City of Light.

Some mind-boggling figures

The Tour Montparnasse, which opened in 1973, is a veritable behemoth of glass and concrete

  • 210 metres high
  • 59 storeys
  • 56 reinforced concrete pillars
  • 150,000 tonnes
  • 1.2 million visitors annually
  • 5,000 employees who work there on a daily basis.

But there’s more: it has the fastest lift in Europe. It will whisk you up to the 56th floor in just 38 seconds. That’s six metres per second!

Panoramic view

The Parisians may not care much for the building itself, but they adore the view over the city from the top. Words like ‘magnificent’, ‘incredible’, ‘superb’ or ‘outstanding’ simply cannot do justice to the view from the 56th floor… Savour this breathtaking sight during your weekend in Paris, or go up to the roof terrace on the 59th floor, where it is even more impressive. It’s worth knowing that the queues for the lift are usually quite short here, unlike the ones at the Eiffel Tower…

Advice from your hotel in Montparnasse

Don’t miss the augmented reality panels or the interactive games for the children, and take the time to enjoy a drink in the 360 Café. The Tower also features a gourmet restaurant on the 56th floor (you must book your table in advance).

Be sure to take your camera with you so that you can immortalise the breathtaking view over the monuments of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Beaubourg, etc. And book your tickets online; it makes everything easier!

Around your hotel in Paris’s 14th arrondissement

During your weekend in Paris, spend at least half a day in Montparnasse. After visiting the tower, you can spend some time shopping in the quarter or pay a visit to the Luxembourg Gardens. And, of course, you must experience a real Parisian night out at the Gaîté. Take our advice and plan an outing to the theatre or some of the trendy bars around your hotel in Montparnasse!