A weekend in Paris for crazy exhibitions!

It’s summer in Paris. For several weeks, the heat act up and all activity or even movement is close to the twelve labours of Hercules. You feel your courage weaken when your children pull you by the sleeve to get out or worse, you let yourself go to melt on the spot. Without doing anything or undertaking anything. It is high time to get back together and to face the summer outings with a smile and enthusiasm. And to start smoothly, what could be more satisfying than the air conditioning of a museum? To give heart to work, so opt for a boutique hotel in downtown Paris

The inevitable major museums for your weekend in Paris

Easily accessible by metro from your three star hotel in Paris Montparnasse, the large museums on the banks of the Seine go out of their way to offer you quality escapes of summer. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Irving Penn, his photographs are honored at the Grand Palais. While at the Musée d’Orsay, the tones of the seasons are harmonized to take you through the portraits of Cézanne, a part often misunderstood by his work.

From your boutique hotel in Paris, Le Jeu de Paume in photos

The instruments of Ismaïl Bahri – his objectives, his hands, the daily life he sees – form a succession of haiku, strong, simple and brief. The benevolent lyricism that emerges will know how to conquer you and invite you to stay – or come back – to the Jeu de Paume to enjoy its amazing photos. Then goes to the Edwardian Life of Ed van der Elsken, whose photos cross the 20th century to touch us with the fingertip. The power of moments comes straight from the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, until 24 September …

Enjoy your weekend in Paris to scour the museums of the region

There are also excellent exhibitions outside the capital. If your three-star hotel in Paris offers the advantage of proximity to the city center, do not ignore the hidden treasures of the outskirts. At the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Val de Marne, we question the identity but also the supposed crisis that crosses it. “All, blood-mingled”: a hot topic for an essential question. For more gentleness, opt for Manguin and “the voluptuousness of color” at the Museum of Impressionism in Giverny. A gentle stroll along the Seine on the outskirts of Normandy, before returning to your boutique hotel in Paris …

Unusual exhibitions at the heart of Parisian cultural dynamism

To enjoy the trendy neighborhoods of the capital, start by leaving the comfort of your three-star hotel in the heart of Paris. Then enter the Maison Rouge, 10 boulevard de la Bastille (XIIème) for a strange and stripped experience. I did it My Way by Hélène Delprat is a mysterious exhibition of which nothing is known before entering it. Do not be afraid and do it “your way”, it’s worth it! Then, rue de Charonne, go with the dark humor at the Arts Factory of number 27: Joan Cornellà makes his show there. The Barcelona artist had begun his career by becoming “viral” on the web via his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Finally, come and meet the Rastafari culture at the Paris Philharmonie (Porte de la Villette), to look beyond Bob Marley, reggae, and prejudices.