The Christmas windows 2017 to amaze your children during a weekend in Paris

Every year in December Paris is adorned with decorations and lights to celebrate the end of the year festivities. Christmas 2017 is no exception to the rule.
Integral parts of local folklore, department stores create for the occasion magnificent shops windows for the delight of young and old alike!
Our hotel, which offers large family rooms (rare in Paris), invites you to please your children by offering them to discover the most beautiful creations during a weekend in Paris.

The Printemps-Haussmann showcase accessible by metro from your Montparnasse station hotel

One of the most famous streets to visit during the holidays is undoubtedly Haussmann Avenue. As every year, the frontage of Printemps was made by a puppeteer from Seine-Saint-Denis.
Inaugurated with all pomp and circumstance by Nicole Kidman on November 7, 2017, we can discover the charming characters of Jules and Violette. They are accompanied for the occasion by 70 teddy bears, rabbits and other small animated characters. 13 km of fishing line were necessary to realize this true work of art which will impress your toddlers.

The Galeries Lafayette will delight your weekend in Paris

A little further down the avenue stands another must-see of the Christmas holidays in Paris. Indeed, since November 8, 2017, Galeries Lafayette offers you to go back in time to dive into the world of a Paris funfair of the last century.
There are more than 12 animated showcases available to you. At the sound of the Barrel organ, we follow the adventures of Peter the pigeon and his fiancée the dove Coco.
Until December 31, 2017, every weekend, the Paris store offers entertainment and a new experience through augmented reality. Sit down for free on one of the 6 mobile chairs and enjoy 2 minutes 30 of pure madness.

A Montparnasse train station hotel, to shine from the Champs Elysée to the Marais.

Do not enter your family room in our Parisian hotel without having made a detour at night on the famous avenue. Every year, the trees are illuminated and many activities are held there.
Despite the cancellation announced by the mayor of the 2017 Christmas market, it is still an idyllic place for children who take advantage of the innovative and ecological illuminations set up by the city of Paris.
Finally, in the Marais district, make a stop in front of the Bon Marché shop windows where elegance and design blend in perfectly. Designed by artisans and local artists, a plethora of automata take possession of its windows to the delight of children and adults alike.